Lyrics – Album: Dreaming Sea

1. Fisherman   Lyrics



Fisherman is an ode to casting into the net of the great unknown and unknowable. 


2. Freedom   Lyrics


Freedom is about letting go. It is for James Baye.


3. On My Way   Lyrics


On My Way is a song about friendship, hanging on, and showing up.


4. Oracle   Lyrics



Oracle is an ode to the prescience of the pre-conscious. (It is also a thank you to W.R. Bion and J. S. Grotstein). 


5. Whispered Path   Lyrics  

Whispered Path is about living beyond seeming opposites.


6. In The Middle   Lyrics  

In the Middle is an ode to the Middle Way, through the appearing and the disappearing of love, inside of Love.


7. Listening   Lyrics



Listening speaks for itself.


8. Mist      


9. Dreaming Sea    Lyrics

Dreaming Sea beckons becoming.