1. Tara’s Promise   Lyrics


Tara’s promise is a dedication to and an invocation of divine feminine compassion.  The opening line, “I will travel with you until you get by…”, is a promise from Tara, from the great force of compassion, whispered to each and every being that we are never truly separated from love. Eric and I began writing it with gratitude to one of our teachers at Sukhasiddhi Foundation, Lama Palden.


2. Guru Bodhicitta   Lyrics


The melody and lyrics for Guru Bodhicitta began in a moment where I began to glean non-referential love through Eric’s sheer presence (no paradox, just a simple truth:). It is an homage to the truth that love, the union of wisdom and compassion, is the wonderfully enduring and humbling, inescapable ultimate teacher.


3. Trace   Lyrics


Trace was born out of the cosmic laughter, a simple pointing to the place beyond words through music. Contemplating the Buddhist teaching that we might reach a place beyond the generation of karma, or ‘no trace’, the song began by embracing the equality of being beyond karma and seemingly being utterly sandwiched by it:)


4. Farewell My Friend   Lyrics


 Farewell my Friend is an homage to the continuity of love beyond death.


5. Follow the Sound   Lyrics  

Follow the Sound was born in the small Aspen grove on the way down the path from the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, at Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.


6. Clear Light Black   Lyrics  

Clear Light Black is devoted to Prajnaparamita, the great unborn and undying spontaneous dis/appearance of wisdom and compassion that echoes in/as all things, everywhere.


7. Stain   Lyrics


Stain is about the perfect purity of our confusion and delusion.


8. Waiting for Moonlight   Lyrics  

Waiting for Moonlight is an homage to Bodhicitta.


9. Candlelight      
10. Undone   Lyrics  

Undone is about impermanence, falling apart, and the wisdom of letting go.


11. Maybe   Lyrics


Maybe is a simple prayer to Love’s reign.